Premature ejaculation, early signs of heart problems

Heart disease or heart attack is considered as silent killer diseases or hidden deadly disease. Because his attacks often come suddenly without giving you visible symptoms of illness. Of course it is very dangerous because you are not warned first.

Actually if you are sensitive to the state of your body, the body has sent some signals that become symptoms of heart disease. One of them is premature ejaculation. The ability of a person to have sex can be a sign of their heart's health or not.

"When a man gets an erection in their genitals, it takes good blood circulation in the blood vessels in the penis area.The artery around the penis is smaller and very sensitive to small disturbances along the bloodstream.As the condition of your blood circulation is not prime, of course Just the erection is not maximal, and this abnormal ability can lead to premature ejaculation if you let it, "explained cardiologist Graham Jackson of the Sexual Advice Association.

"While this blood circulation depends heavily on heart health as the center of the circulation.When your heart is not healthy, then the entire system of the body that needs blood flow can not run properly," he added. "Even a 40-year-old man who has premature ejaculation has a 50-fold greater risk of heart attack over the next 10 years."

Furthermore, this study says men should be more sensitive to their body's health and not ignore any symptoms of illness that arise especially those related to the health of their genitals. One of the easiest ways to maintain healthy blood circulation is to run a healthy lifestyle including by not smoking. Because cigarettes are able to rob your blood circulation. Do not let the health of your body is disturbed, then your sexual life also affected.