Stop these habits right now

Stop these habits right now

Parents or doctors always advise you to do a variety of healthy habits and ask you to stop doing habits that can damage the health of the body. Unfortunately you yourself sometimes do not realize that your habits can make you sick in secret such as lack of sleep, lots of consumption of sweet foods, or often tie the hair tightly.

1. Hold urine

Urine is a natural call to remove urine from the body. Either because there is no toilets or other reasons, you often hold urine for too long. Do you know that this habit can make you exposed to UTI or other genital infections for both men and women.

Constantly chewing gum

There are some people who like to chew gum for a long time. If you also have such a habit, then you should stop because this habit can increase the risk of pain or stiffness in the jawbone.

Biting nails

Biting nails is usually done when you're nervous. Though this habit will make the germs in the nail into the body and cause stomach disease or a number of other infections

No flossing

If you feel that brushing your teeth is enough to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, then you're wrong. In addition to brushing your teeth and rinsing, you also have to do flossing or removing leftover food hidden in between teeth. This habit will then keep you from the risk of cavities or gum infections.

Staring at the computer screen constantly

Whether it's work or playing games, you often stare at a computer screen for a long time. And do you know when you do this habit more than 6 hours, then the eye health disorders will come. Then stress and blood pressure will also increase.

Sitting for long

If you often sit for long periods and do not exercise in between, then you can be at high risk for obesity, joint pain, to heart disease.