Slowly But Surely Or not At All

Failure is a mistake that must not be repeated.Tried and failed or simply stand by?, But doing nothing is even more useless because it makes us do not know at all what we should do to avoid another failure.

 Here I mean the failure in achieving the ideals of positive,both in terms of economics,hope and love from someone.

face any failure by the wise and mature. So with our failure to find something that we need to suffice.And never reluctant to fix.Use another opportunity to come to the noble ideals.  

Learn again,try again,fall to rise again, failed to fix again,treat sore again,crying smiled again.trying again up until the time we leave this world.

Strive there is still time to do it again. Until now, its all of its ends, namely space and time has come to separate.

 Bitterness is happening is learning so we want to be able to change the situation. Do it again, all unfinished. storm definitely passed begins when you rub your tits relief breath, that life is not a painful regret. Life is a journey towards something beautiful.  

A storm passes if you begin to clean up and realize you're the one alone that can make your life.
 A storm passed switch joy with happiness. Build your soul storm definitely passed.

Greetings of peace