kindness is easier to do than crime

Basically do good easier than doing despicable. actions and circumstances that lead to feeling good.

Error forced him to make a personal depressed, isolated and haunted by guilt buried. In a sense the actors tend to feel forced and coerced. That's because they really understand the crimes they committed. the actors are not at peace, especially the freedom to live does not have.

The perpetrator can not think reasonably because embedded in her mind only fraud and crime. The ugliness that is what will be the color in the life of a criminal.

 Repent is the best end of the evildoers.

Because kindness is very quick and easy. Enough with the love and willing to undergo what is already owned. Without coercion against the will of the heart. Do enough pace and according to circumstances, without the overhead or decrease. This will bring us in safety, comfort and convenience. So that makes life more meaningful to have self-awareness. Acting in accordance with ethical governance will lead to a positive spirit in life.

Will it always be wherever and however good. Do good to anyone, regardless of the cause. To do good is very pleasant.

Let us try to understand.Good and bad things about us in our lives.

Whatever the reason for the worse is our own choice.Because that makes bad within us is actually our own.Because every human being is actually predestined good and will be back in the best circumstances.

Example: Andi born of parents whose father and mother are not in harmony.Andi live in a family environment that is damaged.Plus its environment is so negative.But to be yourself is a choice Andi.How not to be a good person Andi does not have to hate your family and the environment.Andi enough to follow his conscience and honor them.

Being a good person is destiny. Even though we live in a bad neighborhood. Of course, we have our own thoughts.To determine what is our choice.Following a poor choice or continuing our destiny as a good human being.

Thinking and our behavior is just our own are entitled to, not someone else.Therefore keep the good that already exists in our destiny. Starting today tomorrow and then we are good human beings.Not someone else make choices for our lives but we alone are entitled.

Greetings of peace