Fig to burn fat while sleeping

Sleep, is one of the easiest ways to make the body slim. When you sleep with enough time, then the body's metabolic system runs smoothly and the result of fat deposits or calories will burn.

There may be other ways to maximize the burning of calories while you sleep. Here's how=

  • Drinking green tea before bed.

Green tea contains flavonoids that increase the body's metabolic system. When you drink green tea before bed, the body will burn 3.5 times more calories than usual when you are sleeping. Besides drinking green tea is also able to keep you from insomnia.

  • Take a cold shower before going to bed.

In addition to useful to repel bacteria or germs after a day of activity, a cold shower that you do before going to bed will make you burn 400 calories during sleep.

  • Sports at night.

Exercise you do at night after work turned out to be beneficial to increase the body's metabolism. And in the end you can burn more calories during sleep.

  • Sleep in a cool room.

A study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences says that sleeping in a cool room or cold will make your body burn 7% more calories because the body will burn fat to keep the body warm