Parents And Child

There is a lesson about being a good parent, parenting lessons available everywhere.In the book up on the internet.Even being a parent there is her course.
as great as that of parents in order to become an example for their children.

In contrast to a child. there is no school in the mother's womb sicalon teach children. about how the young out of the mother's womb.there is also no school before so anak.seorang children born without any knowledge.There is not even a lesson how to become a child. That a child is born like a blank white paper. starting from the parents.character and lessons about life.

Both were taught parents will be a good boy.Poor parents actually taught every child is born with the stock intellect and mind to determine good and bad yourself.

Educating children with kindness,will give goodness back to being parents themselves. Because children are a reflection of the parents themselves.So educate children as possible.for educating children is to educate yourself.

Greetings of peace