Here we will learn the correct concepts.Previously let us understand what is our prayer.if we pray in the correct concept, then the starch NO PRAYER not granted.How can it be? Let's learn

Pray or forcing ???

Concept 1.

When we pray to God,the car is the price of 1 billion when you are a slacker,if not answered within 1-12 months ahead of any God or your own fault ??? Surely your own fault.

Concept 2.

We are an employee or small traders net income of 3-4 million per month. Then we prayed for the price of 1 billion car,when granted ??? count yourself.

Concept 3.

We employee or entrepreneur with a net income of 50-100 million every month and then we pray for the price of 1 billion car,when granted ??? Count yourself as well.

Concept 4.

A are an employee / employer earn 50-100 million.Pray for motorcycles worth 15 million.

B are an employee  1-4 million net income entrepreneurs and pray for motorcycles worth 5 million.

C ..Or you are an unemployed slacker and prayed for had a girlfriend or wife.

Which is correct?.points A and B is very realistic.

The concept of a madman:

There is money in the drawer of the cash register.Then there are people praying that was not caught because the money will be stolen. Tralala lala foolish prayer

Then how to hopefully as high as possible ??Maybe it could be achieved.Not to restrict business and our ability,but we need to learn the correct concept of prayer. Let's do it....

If we are an employee earning 3-4 million gross but we also have a family that is our responsibility. How do we pray ?? Pray for a car costing 100 that instant the car was there,the brand and the price has been adjusted.we bring the money to the seller of the car.if there is no money or a job search first with diligent effort.Obviously our prayers have been answered.if it has enough money but first we die ?? Relax,will be reimbursed the appropriate car given to a child or grandchild.if want criing criingng suddenly there in front of his car,even so regulate the Lord. ??? So funny.

So pray that truth is always with the appropriate effort.Because all of the existing terms and conditions.Pray also can we interpret the wave equate us with a wave of our Lord.


Greetings of peace