To be a lucky person

We often find people who disagree with us.This does not mean showing us the most right among them.But this is a lesson for us that we humans are not the only ones living in this world.Nor our own group that exist in this world.

Peace in the difference

Every one of us has its own viewpoint in one respect.Our understanding is often not in line with what was understood others.But in this case are not ABSOLUTE you force others to understand what your principles.Respect other people who are not in line with you.

Succumbing does not mean losing

Often people think losing is a shameful thing. in fact in the final negotiation must be accepted by all parties.Be wise if you're one position iwhere you including disagreed in sutu understanding.By showing you this thoughtful gesture won by your own circumstances.

*Get the win

What I mean here is won and lost in the human relationship with one another.rather win the attention of others.

We ever needed more wins than people in terms socialize.Thus if our ego is always our priority so even though we're actually going to be a defeat for us.

You should start learning to win yourself to win others.the truth will prove a timely manner.

This means that we must be more willingly to please others.Good deed might not always reciprocated well. But the good deeds will always produce good things.

Fail is if today is worse than in the past. Lucky people are today better than yesterday.And tomorrow is much better than today.

Of the two different sides of this is the result of what we have learned and we did on the day past,today and future.Good and bad are determined intentions and how we treat against everything.Of intentions and behavior of nature around us will respond to us with a positive and good too.

Maybe sometimes a good deed was not returned either.This does not mean we fail but this is as a lesson and a test of how we can consistent with our positive intentions and behavior.

Continue to do your best in order to be always better.Because today is not the end of everything but still there was no tomorrow is waiting for us for better results again.

With a passion to always be better then surely open the chance for a lucky person. Luck created by the attitude and behavior.

Make a day that would be better.Create luck willingly and happily.Live a new life that is always growing goodwill and good manners.Fun goodness we did.

Let's do our best to get better. To be a lucky person.

Greetings of peace