for ladies : Know your guy is good or bad

It's time to be more alert with the deceptive type of guy. Do not let us be the next victim. To find out if he's the type of deceitful guy or not, there are many ways. Like checking the following five signs.

1. Always Being a Victim

His attitude and words seem to make us the most guilty party. He pretended to be a victim and always looking for sympathy. Your weakness is always attacked. He makes the most of what you have to make him look like the most miserable.

2. Throw a Stone, Hidden Hands

This is ya make a resentful. If there is a problem especially if he who triggered it, he even off the hook. He seemed to be the cleanest person. Do not want to interfere or bother to solve a problem. And you are left alone to overcome that difficulty.

3. Make Your Own Promise, Never Agreed

Not just once twice but it has been many times and almost every time he always denied the promise he made himself. He who makes his own promises, uh he himself who is absent and deny. When asked about responsibilities or explanations, there are reasons that are contrived and unreasonable.

4. Always Feel The Right Person

He never wants to give up. It's obvious he's wrong, but still makes a reason to argue. There are always new lies he makes in every explanation. If you've argued, you are always a loser and do not move.

5. New Mau Help If There Is want

Whenever there is a chance, he will make his own profit. He was just willing to help or willing to do something if any wish. Meanwhile, if you need it, there are reasons to avoid it. She's never tired of making you feel hurt. And he does not care about your feelings at all.