herbal cough medicine, skin diseases, scabies, body odor, sore throat, boils, ulcers and cancer prevention.


1.The betel leaf.
2. lime.
3. Ginger.

Serving method:

 Prepare 4 pieces of betel leaf that has dark green.Half a grain of lime.And 50 grams of ginger peeled and washed.500 ml mineral water.

 1. Mash refined betel leaf and red ginger separately,
2. Boil water over medium heat,
3. After boiling reduce heat. Then enter the betel leaf and ginger that have been mashed,
4. Stir gently. 5. Let stand + - 3 minutes,
6. Turn off the heat. 7. Squeeze lime. Put juice to blend ginger and lime that has been boiled,
8. Use a fine strainer when pouring a mix of herbs into the glass,
9. Drink while warm,
10. Perform routine morning and afternoon.30 minutes after eating.

 Consuming these ingredients also can prevent a variety of viruses and can improve the body's immune system.Can also refresh the body,

Caution: Do not take herbs along with medication from a doctor. Give a lag time of at least 1 hour before or after taking medication from a doctor.In order to work with maximum herbs,

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