Treatment of ovarian cysts is medically and naturally

For women, cysts become a frightening specter. Though cysts can disappear by undergoing some therapy or treatment. Following treatment of ovarian cysts

1. Be alert and wait

In many cases, you can wait and review to see if the cyst will disappear by itself in a few months. Your doctor also recommends further treatment and checks regularly if your cyst is resized.

2. Birth control pills

Doctors recommend birth control pills to reduce the likelihood of new cysts developing in the menstrual cycle in the future. Oral contraceptives offer the added benefit of significantly reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. The risk will decrease by taking birth control pills.

3. Operation or surgery

Your doctor may suggest surgical removal of the cyst because the cyst is dangerous and may cause you difficulty in getting offspring.

There is also a natural way of treating cysts:

Balances natural hormones

One theory is that excess estrogen or other hormonal imbalances may be the cause of ovarian cyst formation.


Herbs can help regulate irregular menstrual cycles by balancing hormones such as red clover or chestberry.

A vegetarian diet

Some studies link between diet and ovarian cysts, especially in women who regularly consume fat from animal sources.

Drink lemon water

Lemon water can kill toxins and restore the body to a healthier whole function.

Immediately check your health for early treatment.