Foods that make strong teeth and healthy gums

We all know oral health is important. For that you should do a good cleaning and mouth care that brushing your teeth, gargling, flossing, or clean the tongue.

In addition to the treatment, you can also strengthen teeth and gums through the nutrients you eat food.

here are some examples of foods that can make your teeth strong and healthy gums.

1.Green tea

Green tea contains a natural substance called catechins that can fight inflammation and the growth of bacteria in the mouth. By diligently drinking green tea, you will avoid periodontal disease.

2.Strawberries and kiwi

The high content of vitamin C in strawberries and kiwi is very important to keep the production of collagen in the gums. Because without collagen, gums so extra soft and susceptible to disease.

3.Nuts and seeds

The content of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and rubber makes the gums and teeth strong.


Onions include foods that can strengthen teeth and gums because they contain sulfur because of the antimicrobials in it.

5.Shitake mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms contain lethal, natural sugars that can help cure gingivitis. Recent studies have also shown the presence of antibacterial lethality can kill bacteria that cause gingivitis disease or inflammation of the gums with red, swollen, and even bleeding gums.

6.Apples, celery, and low-acid foods

Apples, celery, and low-acid foods are referred to as 'tooth detergents' because they stimulate the production of saliva made by bacteria so it is not easy to breed in the mouth. Chewing these foods will also remove dental plaque