Make a nice peanut sauce (pecel)

Pecel is a kind of traditional food that we often encounter Java island, especially Central Java, West Java and East Java. This food is very legendary and much preferred all the people from adults to children. Enjoying the most delicious pecel when the day is conditioned hot weather especially if the pecel sauce or pecel sauce has a delicious taste will certainly arouse our taste.

Seasoning pecel made from groundnut material is pulverized with other spices ingredients. Seasoning pecel this if we store in the refrigerator then it can last for weeks and even up to 1 month. You just looking for pecelnya only when you want to make pecel, pecel usually consists of vegetables such as papaya, papaya leaves, cassava leaves etc. Then how to make a delicious and delicious pecel sambel? First you prepare some materials needed as below.

Ingredients In How To Make a nice peanut sauce:

• Peanut with 1 kg of leather
• 150 g curly red pepper
• Red sugar ½ kg
• 10 pieces of red cayenne pepper
• Garlic 7 cloves
• Leaf lime leaves 10 lmbr
• Kencur 6 pieces
• Salt 3 tbsp
• Javan tamarind water 5 tbsp
• 100 mL liters of oil (for sautéing spices)

How To Make Super Powder Smooth Favors:

1. First peanuts that have been fried and ground until smooth using ulekan or blender is added with brown sugar, Ulek until smooth and well blended.

2. Heat oil to saute the spices, fried chili, kencur, garlic and lime leaves until wilted and cooked. If it is lifted then puree.

3. Spices that have been smoothed you give a little salt and water tamarind, enter into containers that contain peanuts earlier. Mix well. To stir it you can use a hand wrapped in plastic to stay awake to sterilannya. Taste, whether the taste is produced according to taste if not yet you can add less seasoning.

4. The last step you put into a closed container and store in the refrigerator